7 Reasons for Spring Sump Pump Installation

Spring and summer are prime times for rainstorms and floods, which means it’s important to keep the basement dry. Sump pump installation in St Louis can give homeowners peace of mind during the rainy season. Below are some of the most common reasons for sump pump replacement.


Homeowners should act quickly in the event of a sump pump failure or the next severe storm could cause a dangerous situation. Most sump pumps last about ten years, and many contractors recommend replacing the float and switch every two years.

Improper Installation

If the pump was not installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it’s more likely to malfunction. When a sump pump doesn’t work as it should, the diminished ability could increase the chances of serious damage to the home.

Incorrect Sizing

When a pump isn’t properly sized, it can wear out prematurely. If it’s too big, it will work harder than necessary. If it’s too small, it will struggle, overheat, and fail.

A Malfunctioning Switch

This is a common issue with sump pumps, as they rely on the switch and float arm to turn off and on. As the float rises and falls with the water level, the switch is flipped. If the float stops working, so does the pump.

Irregular Maintenance

Homeowners can take a few steps to ensure a pump’s continued smooth operation. If the pump isn’t regularly maintained, it’s more likely to experience problems or fail prematurely. Hire a professional to test and clean the sump pump before the rainy season.

No Battery Backup

If the system doesn’t have one already, consider adding a battery backup during maintenance or sump pump installation in St Louis. Rainstorms are often accompanied by lightning, which can trigger a power outage that renders a plug-in pump useless. A battery backup can keep a sump pump running when it’s needed most.

Count on the Pros for Sump Pump Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

A sump pump may not get much thought, but it is an important part of a home’s basement. When it’s properly maintained, it will last longer and work more efficiently. Visit us at Classic Aire Care or call today to schedule an estimate.

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