Call The Experts For Professional Drain Cleaning In Chicago

Let’s face it, clogged drains, plugged-up toilets and unpleasant smells coming from the kitchen sink are not the highlights of someone’s life. They mean that something is going wrong and will probably get worse. It may be a quick and easy fix by the homeowner or involve more extensive work by an expert.

How do you know when it’s time to call a plumber? Sometimes it’s very obvious, but not always. Here are some of the things to look for.

* The first sign of trouble is usually slow draining. When it takes endless minutes for the sink to empty, this can be an indication of several different problems. Mineral and grease buildup may be to blame. It could even be caused by something as difficult to discover as an improperly graded drainage system. The primary cause of the problem will need to be discovered by an experienced plumber.

* Bathroom drains get clogged with hair, soap residue or toothpaste washing down the drain. If someone is frequently cleaning out the drain, it implies that a lot more has passed through and is collecting somewhere within the plumbing system. At some point, it will form a mass that can’t be cleaned out by the homeowner.

* Toilets can get clogged with just about anything, it seems. Too much toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, baby wipes or even kid’s toys are only a few of the things that can clog up a toilet.

* If there is a slow drainage problem or clog in more than one sink or toilet, the problem may be somewhere in the main drain system. Plungers or chemicals cannot fix this problem. Professional drain cleaning will be needed to identify and fix it. Tree roots or broken sewer pipes might be involved.

* When sewer odors are smelling up the house, this indicates a serious problem with sewer drainage.

* Flooding water is an emergency situation, calling for an immediate phone call to schedule Drain Cleaning in Chicago. This water is contaminated and professional help is needed.

Apex Plumbing & Sewer, Inc., provides professional Drain Cleaning in Chicago, whether it’s a small problem or high-powered hydro-jetting is needed. They’re not happy until you’re happy.

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