Diagnosing Water Heaters Repairs in Baldwin, MD

by | May 26, 2020 | Plumbing

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Water heaters can be funny things. They work fine for years, giving you the impression that nothing can ever go wrong, and just as you get cozy with this idea, something suddenly does and they are never the same again. This can happen because people do not understand the early warning signs of a problem. Water heaters are usually sturdy and reliable, but they are also a complex appliance that requires a true professional when they need repairs.

Some of the most common problems which require water heater repair in Baldwin, MD are fairly easy to fix, but if they are ignored they can cause bigger problems. Here are a few warning signs that you should not (or cannot) ignore:

* No hot water

* Not enough hot water

* Rusty water

* Rotten egg odor from the water

* Rumbling or popping sounds

* High pitched whining

* Water leaking from the base of the heater

If you encounter any of these problems, and call for immediate water heaters repair in Baldwin, MD, take a few safety measures yourself as well:

* Switch off the electricity, if it is an electric water heater.

* Turn the gas off on a gas water heater.

* Shut off the water supply to the water heater.

Let’s take a look at some of these issues and how the water heater repair in Baldwin, MD will handle them.

The cause of these problems could be a faulty gas pilot, faulty gas thermocouple or faulty control valve. Water heater repairs may include the re-tightening, repositioning, or replacement of the gas thermocouple or the gas pilot control valve.

Some of the possible causes for not having enough hot water could be that the water heater is undersized for the load it is bearing. A broken or damaged dip tube could also be the culprit, allowing hot and cold water to mix inside the tank incorrectly, or there could be a problem with the gas supply or, most importantly, faulty plumbing is to blame.

To counter this situation, a Baldwin water heater repair professional will check all these potential problems. They can remove the cold water inlet, pipe nipple, and dip tube. Water heater repair professionals will make sure all parts are functioning properly and replace them if they are worn out or broken. They will also make sure that the flame on a gas water heater is burning properly. Don’t wait until there are serious problems with your water heater, get water heater repairs in Baldwin at the first signs of trouble.

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