Why Property Owners Sometimes Need Septic Pump Repairs in Titusville Florida

Septic Pump Repairs in Titusville Florida sometimes are necessary when the equipment malfunctions. Many septic systems work in a passive manner, with the flow from the toilet to the septic tank to the drain field all occurring without the help of any pump action. Others include a pump to move effluent from the tank to the field. Two-tank systems include a holding tank before the septic tank and a pump in between those two containers.

Preventive Maintenance Tasks

Regular maintenance can prevent the need for Septic Pump Repairs in Titusville Florida. The work can be done when the routine tank emptying and inspection is done by qualified technicians. This project normally is completed once every year or two, although some homeowners wait longer if there are only one or two people living in the house and the tank is large enough to accommodate their usage.

Signs of Pump Malfunction

Unless the septic system has some type of alarm to alert the property owner of a problem, pump malfunction leads to a sewer backup somewhere in the home. A basement drain or a crawlspace is a common location for this unpleasant occurrence. Sometimes the liquid backs up into a bathtub, shower drain or toilet.

Diagnosing and Repairing the Problem

Until technicians arrive to investigate the situation, nobody will know why the problem occurred. It could be that the septic tank is too full or that the main sewer pipe is clogged. Sometimes tree roots invade one of the underground pipes and cause a blockage with tampons, dental floss, and other items getting tangled in the growth. Non-biodegradable objects should never be flushed in homes that have a septic system.

On the other hand, the septic pump could be malfunctioning or may have failed altogether. A company such as Acme Environmental Services can complete all the required tasks to get the private sewage treatment system working effectively again. The technicians also can install battery-powered backup pumps that work if something goes wrong with the main pump or if there is a long power outage. Please see the website Website.com to find contact information.

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