5 Reasons Your Drain Pipes and Sewers are Clogged

Dealing with a clogged shower drain can be a strain, especially when you’re in a mad rush to get dressed and get to the office on time. Here are a few reasons why your drains consistently develop a clog:


Humans shed about a ton of hair strands during a shower. That’s why we often see these strands clogging the drain. One easy fix? Try using a hair catcher. You can use a makeshift one or get one from the store.

Dead skin cells

You shed about a million dead skin cells when you shower. These find their way to the walls of your drain pipe over time, eventually forming an effective blockage against the flow of water.

Soap scum

Soap scum builds up over the walls of the pipes over time. This easily traps dead skin cells along with hair, among other things that might go down the drain. You can try solving the problem by pouring buckets of hot water down the drain with choline bleach, says Do It Yourself.


Whether it’s as simple as razor coverings or shampoo caps, these things can find their way down the drain and block your drain pipes and sewers. Stop throwing things down the drain. If problems with your drains persist, call for a drain cleaning contractor in Mariton NJ to fix the problem.

Hard water

If you live in a community or area that uses hard water, then hard water deposits will find their way to the walls of your shower drain pipe. These form micro solids until they eventually become a problem. You can use a water softening problem to prevent hard water deposits. However, if the drains have already been compromised, you’ll need to call in a professional drain cleaning contractor in Mariton NJ to help you. Visit us at Horizon Services Inc.

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