Understanding the Different Types of Septic Tanks Available

When you live in a rural area, it’s often not possible to connect the home to the main sewage pipes. That is when a septic tank is needed. This tank is responsible for collecting and eliminating the waste from your home. What many people don’t realize is that there are different types of septic tanks & systems available.

Your septic tank options

You’ll find that septic tanks come in different types and sizes. The main ones include:

* Gravity septic systems

* Sand filter septic systems

* Low pressure distribution systems

* Aerobic treatment systems

* Mound septic systems

The gravity systems tend to be the most popular choice. They contain two different compartments which help to stop the solid waste from entering the drain field. These systems are ideal as they also contain bacteria that eat away at some of the waste for you.

Sand filter systems are typically built above the ground. They tend to have concrete frames and it’s the gravel on the ground which filters the waste as it enters the system.

Low pressure distribution systems consist of many small pipes and dosing chambers. They work by distributing the waste water into the drain field evenly. This helps to reduce the saturation of the field.

Aerobic treatment systems add oxygen to the sewage. They do this via small air bubbles and it basically accelerates the speed of the sewage treatment. The aerobic bacteria contained within the tank helps to produce higher quality waste before it is distributed.

Finally mound septic systems are another type of tank built above the ground. They make use of vertical separation. This is where the waste water goes upwards. You’ll find that this type of tank is recommended for areas where there’s a high water table.

The type of tank you have will determine how it needs to be maintained. A good professional company will be able to handle all septic tanks near Covington.

The importance of maintaining your tank

No matter which type of septic tank you have, it’s really important to ensure you maintain it. Typically a standard tank doesn’t need to be pumped or serviced for 3 years. However it will depend totally upon how big the tank is and how many people live in the home.

Most homes will have the gravity septic system. This type of tank can become clogged if too much solid waste enters the system. It can also cause problems for the drain field if too much water passes through it every day. It’s recommended that homes don’t use more than 50 gallons of water a day.

Maintaining your tank will help to ensure that you keep repair and service costs to a minimum. Always hire a professional company to take care of the pumping for you. They know what they are doing and they also have the proper equipment to handle the job.

If you need septic tank services near Covington, then contact Liberty Plumbing.

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