Tips for Sizing a Bathroom Vanity in Hackensack, NJ

It seems like most articles that focus on bathroom remodeling and choosing new vanities have a tendency to consider only looks. While there’s no denying that aesthetics are an issue, there are all kinds of practical concerns to consider as well. Read on to learn about a few of the practical issues homeowners should consider when choosing a new bathroom Vanity in Hackensack NJ.

Take a Look at the Basics

Before jumping into checking out individual vanities at the showroom, take a moment to consider the layout of the bathroom. Look at things like the location of current plumbing fixtures, how much space is available, and the overall shape of the bathroom. A wider, more open bathroom can usually accommodate a larger vanity, and the location of the current plumbing fixtures will likely dictate where the new vanity will have to be placed, so it’s worth taking a look at the basics before getting too excited about style.

Vanity Width

The first step in choosing how wide a new vanity should be is to measure the old one and consider whether or not it fits comfortably within the space. If it takes up too much space or blocks convenient walkways, consider going with something a little bit smaller. Once the width is determined, it will allow homeowners to determine whether they have the space for a double vanity or should restrict themselves to a single when starting their searches.

Vanity Height

Once the appropriate width has been determined, it’s time to start thinking about height. Since a Vanity in Hackensack NJ that is difficult to reach won’t serve its underlying practical purpose, homeowners should be sure to choose a style that accommodates everyone in the households and their frequent guests. Those with small children or family members with mobility issues living in their homes should opt for a shorter vanity that is more accessible even if taller guests must bend over a little bit further to use it.

Vanity Depth

Those with narrow or exceptionally small bathrooms shouldn’t neglect to account for vanity depth. Be sure to consider potential obstructions such as doors, walls, and other fixtures to ensure that any drawers or cabinets will be easy to open or close. Next, check out to find out what’s available regarding style.

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