Three Reasons For Water Heaters Repair In Fairfax VA Due To Leaks

When water leaks from the water heater, it could be a minor issue or a major problem, depending on where the leak originated. After shutting off the water source, individuals should contact a technician who specializes in water heater repair in Fairfax, VA. Read the information below to learn about three common issues that cause water heater leaks and the repairs that are needed.

Faulty Pressure Relief Valve

An important component of a water heater is the temperature and pressure relief valve. This component opens to release water or steam if the pressure or temperature inside the tank exceeds normal limits. This safety mechanism prevents the tank from exploding, so it’s important that it’s properly working at all times.

A small amount of moisture or water around the valve means that it’s working properly. If the valve is continually dripping water, it’s leaking, and it should be replaced as soon as possible. This is a common repair for water heaters that are several years old.

Leaking Drain Valve

Located at the bottom of a water heater is the drain valve that has a turn knob. Opening the drain valve will empty the tank of the water heater. Tanks are emptied when they need to be cleaned or when the water heater is being taken out of the home.

Individuals should first check to make sure the leak isn’t due to a partially open valve. If the water is dripping around the base of the valve, where it attaches to the water heater, it must be replaced. A qualified technician who specializes in water heaters repair in Fairfax, VA will drain the tank and then replace the leaking valve with a new one.

Corroded Tank

It’s not uncommon for the inside of a water heater to become corroded due to sediment inside the tank. When this occurs, the water will begin to leak from the tank through a hole that’s formed from the inside. Individuals can contact a qualified technician to remove the old water heater from the home and install one that’s brand new.

Individuals who are having water heater problems can contact the professionals at Business Name. This family owned and operated company provides various services for their residential and commercial customers in the Fairfax area.

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