Tips On How To Replace Water Heaters In Downers Grove

Hot water heaters are the most popular electronic gadgets in most homes. They keep circulating warm water all over the house for bathing and other purposes. Most heaters are affordable and are available with a 10 year warranty card or maintenance plans. In case you are a native of the Downers Grove, a small village located in the Illinois state, you must look for an efficient water heater to cope with the frosty winter climate. You can either install the gadget on your own or look for a professional who can install water heaters in Downers Grove.


The first unit for heating water was designed by Edwin Rudd in 1889 in Pittsburgh. He invented a gas fueled, automatic storage water heating device. Ever since then, this machine became popular amongst natives and the device was officially introduced in 1897. It was priced at $100.


These heating devices are powered by oil, gas, electricity or solar power. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors with varying features and capacity. They are installed with a thermostat which regulates the temperature of the incoming water. They cost within $500 to $3,500.


In case your heater doesn’t seem to produce a large quantity of hot water, it means that it needs immediate repair or replacement. With time, the internal heating elements are coated with water dissolved salts like, calcium carbonate that may reduce its efficiency. In such cases, it becomes essential to get it removed. If you are planning to accomplish this task on your own then you need to search for a replacement or repair kit for water heaters in Downers Grove region.

DIY Tips

– Cut off the power and access both the top as well as bottom panels of the heating device. These panels house the heating element which needs to be removed.

– Set the multi-meter reading to X1000 and test the resistance of these elements. You can do this by attaching one end of the mounting screw to the other end of screw terminals. If the reading denotes infinite number, your gadget needs to be replaced.

– After attaching the hose, shut down the inlet valve for cold water and open the drain valve to draw off remaining water. Unscrew both the screw terminals and unbolt the upper and lower heating elements.

– Generally, the lower element has more salt deposition than the upper elements.

– Next, you need to purchase a heating element for the same model and with a similar configuration. You can replace both the elements and secure the terminal screws and mounting bolts.

– Keeping the drain valve closed, eliminate the hose and open the inlet valves to refill water inside. Turn the power on and test its heating capacity. If you are getting hot water instantly then it means that your water heater is working efficiently.

If you are still facing problems with repairing or replacing your heating units, you must search for a seasoned professional who is experienced at working with different types of water heaters in Downers Grove.

Water Heaters Downers GroveYes Plumbing has been providing affordable services in terms of replacement, repair or installation of water heaters in Downers Grove village since last 40 years.

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