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by | Oct 29, 2012 | Water heaters

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Securing the services of a plumber is about far more than just hiring someone to come get you out of an inconvenient situation when a toilet overflows, a pipe gets clogged, or a water heater stops heating. There are many services that a plumber provides that are critical to the comfort, health, and function of a home or commercial establishment. This means that whenever they need help with pipes, fixtures, or water heaters Bethesda residents know that they have to choose a plumber that will provide the professional services that they need along with dedicated, attentive customer service.

Plumbers are responsible for a wide range of tasks from the installation of complete plumbing systems to the maintenance and repair of these systems, to the total removal and replacement of residential and commercial systems. Some of the important services you should look for when hiring a plumber include:

*    Winterization. Frozen pipes can be disastrous. You want to make sure you have a plumber that can prepare your home for cold weather so that you aren’t facing a total overhaul.

*    Design Center. The aesthetic of your home says a lot about you. And that includes your bathroom. A plumber that can help you choose the way that your bathroom will look—from fixtures to color options—will help you simplify the process and ensure that you are trusting only one qualified, dedicated group.

*    Replacement. Unless you are moving into a brand new space that has plumbing that has never been used you may encounter serious plumbing problems that can’t be addressed just through simple repair services. Instead, you may be facing a total replacement, which can be a huge undertaking. A qualified plumber will be one that can handle a total replacement without being overwhelmed or cutting corners to limit time spent on your project.

*     Preparedness. Beyond skill the most important thing that a plumber can offer is preparation. Look for a plumber that comes already prepared to handle common issues, and has quick access to the materials and supplies necessary to handle more complex issues so that you don’t have t go any longer than necessary without usable plumbing.

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