Save Money On Energy Costs By Choosing From A Wide Selection Of Energy Efficient Water Heaters

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Heating Contractor

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Water Heaters are one of the largest users of energy in the home. Water heaters that are more than 8-10 years old are probably consuming almost twice the amount of energy than a new energy-efficient tank would. Gas Hot water tanks are usually cleaner and safer to use. Gas hot tanks do not have the rust and scale buildup that an electric hot water tank can accumulate. Removal and installation of a water heater should only be performed by a professional plumber. Tankless gas water heaters are another great option for hot water in a home or business.

Tankless Gas Water Heaters are a new concept to many users although they’ve been around for several years. Some benefits of a gas tankless water are:

* Cleaner

* Safer

* Last longer than a tank heater

* Eco-friendly

* Efficient

* Can be placed on a wall

* Safety features to prevent the water from scalding the user

A tankless gas water heater requires less space than a traditional hot water tank. Speaking with a professional plumbing company or visiting a showroom will permit the individual to make an educated decision on which tank would best fit their situation. Another benefit of a professional plumbing installation includes a 1-year warranty on all of the work that is performed. Choosing a hot water will be determined by what time of energy is available in a home or business. Although a home may not have gas or propane currently, this does not mean that gas or propane can’t be made available and connected into a home. Propane is a great option when gas is not available. Electric is usually an option for many homes because it is readily available without any additional costs.

Determining the fuel costs for the new hot water heater is also a consideration a homeowner needs to consider. Before running to a big box store and attempting to purchase a hot water heater that has little to no information available, check out Business Name. Their trained plumbers and sales team can offer a vast amount of knowledge and service to deliver the best hot water heater advice on the market. You can also follow them Twitter.

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