Heat Pump Service in Bellingham WA And Troubleshooting

A person might need Heat Pump Service in Bellingham WA if they can’t figure out what is going on their pump. Understanding what heat pumps do is important. These devices work to keep a home warm during the winter and cool during the summer months. Fortunately, there are some troubleshooting tips a person can do before calling for service.

What To Check First?

There is definitely an order that should be followed before calling for Heat Pump Service in Bellingham WA. If the heat or air conditioning isn’t working, the first thing that should be checked is the thermostat. Thermostats that aren’t set correctly or that are broken can cause issues. The good news is that such problems are easy to fix. Sometimes, the thermostat might just have to be replaced.

What’s Next?

If the thermostat isn’t the problem, it’s time to find out whether or not the fan is working. When a fan isn’t working, the fuses and circuit breaker need to be checked. Blown fuses can cause the system not to get power. Circuit breakers will cut off power if there is a chance of an overload. If fuses keep blowing out or breakers keep activating, it’s time to call for service. The last thing a person wants is a minor heat pump issue to become a major one.

Calling For Help

Someone who doesn’t want to waste a lot of time won’t spend too much time troubleshooting. There are just too many things that might be wrong with a system, and some of those things can mimic heat pump issues. Anyone who needs help can visit to get a qualified technician on the issue. Some heat pumps come with manuals or have websites that can help to answer some questions.

People don’t usually want to go too long without their heat or air conditioning. Unfortunately, heat pumps can fail at the most inconvenient of times. Planning for emergencies is a good idea. That means having the contact information of a quality HVAC service that can come out and fix things. Some services operate 24/7 so that customers don’t have to wait too long for service.

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