When To Call For Plumbing Repair in Philadelphia

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Plumbing Services

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Unfortunately, plumbing problems are a part of everyone’s life at some point, from the all-too-common clogged toilet or backed-up sink, to burst pipes and basement floods. Some problems can be resolved with a little DIY effort, but other, more serious, problems will definitely require the services of a professional plumber. There are a variety of circumstances that may call for Plumbing Repair in Philadelphia.

First of all, plumbing systems need regular inspection and maintenance that can only be done by an expert. A plumbing inspector can check every part of the plumbing system, including the water heater, the pipes, the filter system, and even the garbage disposal. A plumber will have the necessary equipment to test pipes for tiny cracks that could eventually rupture if undetected. Professional maintenance can include assessing water pressure and adjusting it if necessary, cleaning the water heater, cleaning drains, and treating them to maximize the flow of water.

Common clogs and leaks that seem like simple repairs may end up requiring expert help. For example, replacing a worn-out washer to fix a dripping faucet may require specializing tools. A leaking pipe can be temporarily fixed by applying a joint filler, but eventually, the fitting will become too loose and need to be replaced by a plumber. A running toilet can often be fixed by simply adjusting the float arm. But if the problem continues to happen, it may actually be caused a silent leak or an excess of sediment, which a plumber can treat.

There are some repairs that should always be done by a professional plumber. An underground leak is a serious problem that needs professional attention. The symptoms may be a suddenly high water bill or low pressure. A rupture in the supply line could cause structural damage to your home. Frozen pipes also need immediate professional attention to prevent the disaster of a burst pipe. Other circumstances that call for a plumber include pipe installation and repair, water heater repair, new construction or remodeling that needs a permit and must comply with building code, and septic tank leaks.

A plumber will have the knowledge and expertise to keep your water use efficient and your plumbing system safe. For more information about Plumbing Repair in Philadelphia, visit Mycityplumbing.com.

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