When to Call for Drain Service in Stockton, CA

Clogged drains aren’t pleasant, but sometimes people can fix the drain themselves. Other times, it requires a call to a Drain Service in Stockton CA. Knowing which times are which can be a bit tricky, however.

Tricks to Try

Before calling a plumber, check to see if using a plunger will clear the clog. If not, a cable auger or plumber’s snake, which is a cable that can be pushed down the drain to break through clogs, may work. The chemicals available at stores for unclogging drains don’t always work, can damage pipes over time and can make the water left behind when the clog isn’t fixed dangerous, so they aren’t the best idea.

Number of Attempts

Once a person has tried to clear the drain a couple times and hasn’t been successful, it’s best to call a Drain Service in Stockton CA. Putting too much pressure on the pipes can damage them, so if the easy fixes don’t work, it’s best to leave things to a professional.

Recognize the Signs of a Sewer Line Clog

Sometimes the reason a person can’t clear a clog is because it’s in the sewer line and not the home’s pipes. These types of clogs can’t be dealt with by a homeowner. Water was backing up in the toilet and drains, a gurgling sound in the drains and water from a flushed toilet coming back up through other drains are all signs there may be a main sewer line clog. These are often caused by tree roots, so simply putting chemicals down the drain isn’t going to solve the problem. Sometimes it can help to shut off the water and open the cap to the sewer clean out line. This can help reduce some of the pressure and limit the amount of water that comes up in the home. The backed up water may then come out of this pipe outside rather than inside, which is a bit easier to deal with.

Those considering calling a drain service can Get additional info here to help them make their decision and find a way to deal with clogged drains or other plumbing issues.

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