What to Consider When Buying Water Conditioners in Garden Grove

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Plumbing

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Nothing is more elemental to our daily lives than water. There is, after all, arguably nothing more essential to life itself; where there’s life, you’ll inevitably find water. With that said, not all water sources are created equal. Water quality varies greatly from place to place, and whether you’re taking a shower, washing veggies in the sink, or simply looking for something to drink, you’re going to want the water coming out of your tap to be as soft, clean, and pure as possible. Water purifiers and conditioners, therefore, are essential parts of the modern home. Here is a quick look at what to consider when buying water conditioners in Garden Grove or elsewhere.

Different Types

When it comes to water conditioners, there a few basic types, of which you’ll want to be aware. To begin with, there’s a distinction to be made between salt-based and salt-free conditioning systems: salt-based systems naturally utilize sodium, exchanging it with harder minerals in the water, such as magnesium and iron, while salt-free options use a substitute to lessen the hard mineral content. It should be noted that if you are concerned about your sodium intake, the salt-free option is likely better, whereas salt-based options may prove superior to those looking for more filtration of those hard minerals. Either way, these water conditioners use the principle of ion exchange to get the job done.

Timers and Controls

What else is important to look for when buying a water conditioning unit? The timers and controls employed by the system. This is especially important with regards to the time it takes for the unit to recharge and go through its regeneration cycle. Most systems will have timers that can work automatically, and many feature DIR (demand-initiated regeneration) controls as well.

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