What skills are required to do plumbing work?

Regardless of where you live, a plumbing problem is a plumbing problem and the solutions to the problem are the same. There are things that the average handyman can accomplish around his house, simple plumbing problems such as a clogged drain in the kitchen, no problem, get the plunger and its probably gone, leaky tap, an adjustable wrench and a washer and the problems solved. What happens when you have a major issue? That’s exactly when a contractor who does plumbing in Perry Hall comes in handy. Professional plumbers have all the skills and tools to tackle those plumbing jobs that are well outside the scope of what the DIY guy can do, so what skills does a plumbing contractor have?

Becoming a master plumber:

To get where he is, a master plumber has spent a lot of time as an apprentice, a journeyman and finally a master. The skills that he possesses have come from years of on the job experience under the guidance of other masters and schooling. Eventually, with state license in hand, he can declare himself as a master plumber. During his education and training, the plumber has developed a host of skills, such as;

1 – A person licensed to do plumbing in Perry Hall will have a complete understanding of local, state and national codes, the installation procedures to follow for various types of equipment and complete systems and a complete awareness of safety and health as pertains to his trade. An understanding of water is also required as hard water has a different effect on plumbing components and pipes than does soft water.

2-The plumber that does your installation, maintenance and repair must be literate and numerate. As the job progresses he must maintain a log of the repairs done and the parts used, he must also fully understand blueprints that are used to help find the municipal connection and to identify and trace existing water pipes and sewage drains. Numeracy is extremely important as the contractor doing the plumbing in Perry Hall needs to read and understand manufacturers standard gauge readings, he must be able to prepare daily job orders, calculate various pipe lengths based on complex angles and prepare invoices for his customers.

3-Oral communication is so very important. If the work the plumber is doing is a new building, he will have to communicate with other trades on the building site and often communicate directly with the owner. The ability to work with others, participate in meetings to discuss progress, assist others with their tasks and to co-ordinate tasks is a plus.

Once a plumber becomes a licensed master he is capable of doing any and all work that is associated with the trade.

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