Using A Plumbing Repair Service When A Sink Becomes Clogged

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Plumbing

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When a homeowner notices the water is not draining properly from a sink in their home, finding a solution to this problem is a concern. A sink that accumulates water makes it difficult to continue with household tasks. For this reason, many people turn to a Plumbing Repair Service to help. Here are some actions to attempt before calling a plumber to try to unclog a sink full of water.

Attempt To Plunge And Snake The Drain

It is best to try using a few household tools to see if water drains from a sink with their assistance. Use a plunger over the drain hole in the same manner as when plunging a toilet. This may dislodge material trapped in the piping system. Alternately, use a plumber’s snake to push through any hardened material in the pipes. This may allow water to drain when the matter is moved out of the way. It is still best to call a plumber to check the piping if the water continues to accumulate or if it drains slower than usual.

Use Hot Water To Break Apart Hardened Material

If food hardens and traps water in the basin of a sink, using warm may help to break it up so water diverts as usual. Fill the basin with hot water. Be prepared to need to scoop it back out to dispose of if the water does not drain. Leave the water in place for several hours and check on the level to see if it goes down. If so, add some more hot water and continue the process.

Take Apart The Pipe Under The Sink

The P-Trap pipe is the curved portion underneath a sink basin. This often becomes filled with debris. If this is not removed, sink clogs may occur. Turn off the water supply and use a wrench to remove this piping portion. Clean it out and install it once again.

If these tips are tried and a sink clog is still present, contact a Plumbing Repair Service for help. Give a call to South Side Plumbing & Heating to make an appointment or inquire about rates. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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