Tips, Do’s, and Don’ts for Home Plumbing Maintenance in San Marcos CA

When it comes to plumbing problems, almost any leak or drip may quickly become a crisis. From a slight drip to a catastrophic water heater failure, the potential for plumbing issues is almost endless. In this guide, homeowners will find a must-know list, as well as some home plumbing, do’s and don’ts.

The Location of the Main Water Shut off, and How to Use It

In the event of an emergency, knowing where the water shut off valve is and how to operate it can help a customer save hundreds or even thousands in damages. If the valve isn’t easily accessible, ask about shut off relocation services during normal Plumbing Maintenance in San Marcos CA.

Which Breaker Powers the Water Well Pump

When a crisis arises with a water pump and well, one of the easiest ways to stop the flow of water is to cut the power to the pump. Knowing which circuit breaker powers the pump can make the difference between a small problem and a big, expensive one.

Which Breaker Powers the Water Heater

In homes with electric water heaters, it’s important to know which breaker powers the appliance. When dealing with a plumbing emergency, or when taking a vacation, simply shut the breaker off to prevent water and energy loss.

Do: Maintain the Water Heater

Many homeowners delay water heater maintenance and service, but they know that it’s necessary. Over time, water tanks may fill with sediment, anode rods will corrode, and the water heater is more likely to leak or fail. The temperature and pressure relief valve need regular service as well. With yearly Plumbing Maintenance in San Marcos CA, homeowners can keep their water heaters running efficiently throughout their lifespans.

Do: Use Sink Traps Wisely

Catching jewellery that falls down the drain is a nice bonus, but it’s not the intended purpose of a drain or sink trap. Drains are linked to the main sewer line, which means foul-smelling gases may enter the home. Sink traps collect water, which serves as a seal that prevents noxious gases from getting in.

Do: Call a Plumber Today

The tips, do’s, and don’ts on this list are all important, but we’ve saved the most crucial for last. For regular maintenance or emergency service, call a licensed plumber. Visit us online or call today to schedule service.

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