The 4 Signs You Need Plumbing Repair Services in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Jan 10, 2023 | Heating & Cooling

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The average family uses hundreds of gallons of water daily in their homes. With so much water moving through your home’s pipes, you must hire the right professionals at the right time to keep your home watertight. Here are four signs it’s time to call for plumbing repair services in Pittsburgh, PA.

1. The Water Pressure Suddenly Plummets

Low water pressure can signal a break in a water line. You always want to pay attention to this problem because even though you might not see the leak, it’s still doing damage.

2. Your Water Isn’t Hot

Hot water is essential to our daily lives. When your hot water is no longer reliable, you need plumbing services to figure out what’s causing the water to turn cold. Addressing the problem sooner keeps your water heater working its best for longer and staves off expensive repairs.

3. Your Drains Clog All the Time

Frequent drain clogs signal a more serious issue at play. There could be a serious obstruction requiring professional drain cleaning services or a sewer problem.

4. Your Water Bill Has Skyrocketed

If your water bill costs you more for no reason, it’s time to figure out why. You could have a hidden leak you need to repair. Hiring a plumber to perform leak detection services will help you solve the mystery sooner.

When you need plumbing repair services in Pittsburgh, PA, make sure to hire the best. Contact the team at Sullivan Super Service online for more information!

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