Sewer Cleaning for a Cleaner and Healthier Home

If drains handled only clear water, they would work perfectly all the time. However, drains of all kinds fill up with hair, grease, dirt, and many items that can clog them up. This is the time when you need to look for professionals in sewer cleaning. Bloomington MN and its surrounding areas are an excellent source of these types of professionals who can handle any kind of challenge related to clearing clogs and drains and getting all your drains cleaned and working properly.

Residential Sewer Issues
We often don’t think about the many drains in our homes that can get clogged. For example, in kitchen drains, a regular flow of grease, soap and food waste add up that can cause drains to run more slowly and eventually get clogged over time. Toilet drains are designed to accommodate toilet paper which disintegrates when flushed but putting other items such as baby wipes or facial tissue in the toilet will trigger toilets to clog. Toothpaste, soap and grime can lead to slow draining and clogging in bathroom sink drains while water in showers and bath tubs that do not drain immediately or within a few minutes after a bath require the services of a sewer cleaning professional.

There is typically a sewer line in a city or town. All drains in a house lead into a main sewer line which connects to this line. The main sewer line is the central drainage system of your home and is also the one drain most home owners tend to take for granted, that is until there is a sewer back up. At times, roots on your property looking for water may actually break through the line and prevent the free flow of waste. A backed-up main line, can cause all your other drain lines to be affected, which can pose health risks and property damage if not handled immediately.

Sewer Line Cameras
Finding the blockage in a sewer line used to involve an expensive and destructive excavation of the pipes. Now with a video sewer inspection, a sewer-line camera can be used to find the problem much easier and at a lower cost.

A tiny, fiber-optic video camera is snaked through the line which enables the sewer cleaning professional to do a complete visual inspection, evaluate the condition of your pipes, and locate the blockage. This inspection can be recorded so that you and your plumber can review the problem and determine the best approach to your sewer line repair.

Drain King, Inc. provides drain and sewer cleaning using the latest technology for drain and sewer cleaning. The company has many years’ experience in cleaning drains and working with septic systems and services. To find out more about how they can help you with your ongoing maintenance and emergency service of your sewer systems, visit

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