When Plumbing Issues Arise, Homeowners Need to Hire a Professional Plumber in Memphis

Nobody wants to have to deal with a sudden plumbing disaster. To help avoid major issues, a homeowner needs to know the subtle and not-so-subtle signs they may need to hire a Plumber in Memphis. Taking a DIY approach can lead to issues that cause an increase in repair costs. If the following plumbing issues are arising in a home, a homeowner needs to seek immediate repairs so they can avoid further issues.

These signs could mean there are problems developing in a plumbing system.

1. Leaks of any kind should not be ignored. Not only will the leaking water cause water damage, but issues can also arise with the damage done to the pipes. This creates an uneven amount of water pressure in the home and could end up causing pipe damage further down the line.

2. Frequent toilet clogs throughout a home should not be ignored since this is often a sign of a clog in the main line. When the drain line is not draining properly, it needs to be addressed right away because this can eventually cause backups of sewage into the home.

3. Higher-than-normal water bills should not be overlooked because they can signal leaks in a home. To check for leaks, a homeowner can shut off all sources of water in their home and then see if their water meter is moving. If it is moving, a leak is probably present.

4. Water pressure issues that are widespread in the home could be caused by a faulty valve. It is important a homeowner does not attempt to fix this problem themselves, or they could end up causing further issues and even damage.

5. When the water in a home is turning yellow, rusty, or discolored in any way, this can be a sign of problems. If it is only happening with hot water, the hot water heater may be to blame. If both hot and cold are affected, the pipes are likely the culprit.

If you have noticed any of these issues in your home, you are urged to contact a Plumber in Memphis. If you would like further information, Visit the website. Drain Go Plumbing will be happy to help you get rid of your plumbing issues.

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