Plumbers in College Park, GA, Talk About Clogged Sewer Line

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Plumber

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A clogged sewer line is a sign of bigger problems to come. If you don’t fix a minor clog, it will get bigger and the extra work that you must do will cost more. There are a lot of reasons why clogged sewer lines are a pain. They can stop water from moving and draining and cause pipes to back up in a nasty way.

Plumbers in College Park, GA, always deal with clogged sewer lines and want to share some warning signs with their customers. Knowing the signs of a clogged drain line will help you figure out what’s wrong quickly and get help. Read this to learn more.

No or Slow Draining

Plumbers in College Park, GA, share that water that won’t drain is one of the most obvious signs that the sewer line is clogged. Ultimately, your home’s drains all lead to the main waste line. It might not be the sewer line if you’re having trouble with just one clogged pipe. Instead, one pipe could be clogged. It’s likely the waste line if all or many drains are having trouble.

Floor Drain Leaks Sewage

The floor drain is usually kept in the basement. This is a drain on top of the water pump. The main sewer line is clogged if you smell bad things or see sewage rise from the floor. In this case, the wastewater from your home has nowhere to go but back up into the house. Don’t try to solve this problem by yourself. The floor drain can’t be fixed with a plunger or a drill. Professional plumbing services need to look at the pipe to determine how deep the blockage goes.

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