Plumber in Elmhurst – Avoid Water Damage with a Battery Backup System

Sump pumps are fantastic creations that when installed by a plumber in Elmhurst, can reduce the chances of water overflowing and damaging the foundations of a home. As useful as these devices can be you may be wondering, ‘What do I do when the electric goes out?’ Because sump pumps run on electricity, an electrical shortage could affect the performance of the pump. This is where a battery backup system comes in because this critical load holder takes the reins when the power goes out. A battery backup system is an essential component for any home, particularly if you are planning on going away for a few weeks or months. Learn the benefits of this type of equipment to understand how it will help during a power shortage.

Parts of a Backup System

If a sump pump fails, the battery backup system will be relied on to prevent water from accumulating in the basement and this is made possible thanks to some major components. For the battery backup system to work effectively, it must be built with a marine deep cycle battery that can provide large currents of power. The difference between the backup system and the battery in the actual sump pump is that the sump pump only needs small currents, but for longer periods of time. Although backup systems are not used that often, they are worth getting installed because they could save you money on water damage.

How the Backup System Works

The purpose of a battery backup system is to prevent the need for a plumber in Elmhurst. These intelligent devices continuously monitor the battery power of the sump pump, so that if the battery power dies it can take over. As well as this, it focuses on the pumping conditions, the power conditions and the battery fluid levels. If anything is abnormal, the backup system will kick-in and this will ensure that your basement remains dry at all times.

Finding a Plumber for Installation

You need to locate a reliable plumber in Elmhurst who is experienced at fitting a battery backup system, because the installation will affect the performance. There are a few things to look for when hiring a plumber such as the customer testimonials, the services offered and the prices. A trustworthy plumber must be registered and it is worth visiting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website to confirm the legitimacy of the company you have an interest in. The plumber should also hold relevant qualifications to perform all kinds of plumbing jobs.

Always hire a plumber in Elmhurst to fit your battery backup system for you. To get a quote for these services from a company with 30 years of experience, visit


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