Water Heaters in Naperville, IL

by | Nov 26, 2012 | Plumbing Services

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Not all water heaters are created alike. In fact, a lot of us here in Naperville, IL still have somewhat outdated water heaters in our homes. Do you have problems keeping the water temperature the same in the shower if someone turns on the water somewhere else in the house? What happens when you run out of hot water? There are plenty of problems that have now been solved by modern hot water heaters. If you’re thinking of purchasing a new one, here are the options for you here in Naperville, IL.

Traditional Tank Water Heaters

The most commonly known water heaters in Naperville, IL are the tank water heaters. They work by heating a large tank of water and keeping it hot until you need it. Then when you use it all quickly and the tank is emptied, the water will no longer be hot. These can be either fueled by electricity or by gas. Gas water heaters will cost you less to run, since the price of gas is fairly low. Electricity, on the other hand, is high and an electric tank water heater can cost a lot of money to run each month.

Instant Hot Water Heaters

One of the most modern technologies in the water heater market is the instant hot water heater. These are also known as tankless water heaters, because rather than heating a large amount of water and keeping it hot all day long, they simply heat water quickly as you need it. There are many advantages to this type of water heater. The most obvious advantage is that you never “run out” of hot water with tankless water heaters. When you turn the water on, the water heater turns water hot as it flows through, giving you an endless stream of hot water. Many people in Naperville believe that this is how hot water heaters should work.

The other advantage to tankless water heaters is the energy savings. Rather than have a hot water heater that is always on, always keeping that big tank of water hot, you have a hot water heater that only switches on when you need it. This can translate into hundreds of dollars in savings in no time, making it a great investment that pays itself off. You use less energy and save money on your bills, while doing something nice for the environment.

Tankless water heaters are becoming more and more popular in Naperville, IL, as people upgrade their systems and are more interested in saving money.



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