Keep Your Water Flowing With Quality Plumbing in Arlington Heights

by | Jan 5, 2015 | Plumbing

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For a homeowner, there is nothing more annoying than a plumbing problem. That’s because many plumbing troubles are difficult to locate or a pain to repair. As an example, a clog in your sink could be the result of a simple blockage in the pipe traps or a more serious problem with the sewer lines. You can’t always diagnose the issue by looking at the pipes, but experience and the right tools can make the repair a little easier.

Plumbing in Arlington Heights actually covers a variety of skills. For instance, the plumber must be able to install or replace fresh water lines. They should also be skilled in the installation and testing of gas lines. These two types of plumbing use similar principles, but they require completely different pipe and connections. In fact, a gas line must be installed with pipe and fittings rated for gas usage. Water pipes can use copper, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and several other polymer based pipes. Older water supplies may make use of iron piping, but this type of pipe is generally avoided today. Sewer lines typically use PVC for household drainage because it is a budget friendly material.

If your Plumbing in Arlington Heights issue stems from a sewage problem, the plumber can provide a video diagnostic to locate the trouble. They will use what is generally known as a video snake. This is a flexible cable with an attached camera. This tool is slowly fed into the sewer line at a vent or by removing the toilet. The camera allows the plumber to locate clogs, cracks or other signs of damage. This tool can often make a sewer repair easier because the plumber can determine if the sewer pipe needs to be replaced and where.

Like every job, there are parts about plumbing that makes the contractor happy. For many, this is the installation of new baths or kitchens in a home remodel or working on new construction. In the case of remodeling, the plumber often has some creative input which lets them display their professional knowledge. A homeowner planning to remodel can save themselves a lot of aggravation by consulting with an expert before they begin. If you expect to remodel your home or need help from a plumber, then you want to Contact Lakeside Plumbing Inc.




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