Keep Your Plumbing Flowing Freely With Help From A Responsible Plumbing Contractor

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Plumbing

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There are many disasters that can befall your home and some of the worst are due to Plumbing. This is mainly because the plumbing in your home carries a lot of liquid in both the fresh water supply and the waste sewage pipes. Whenever one of these systems spring a leak the unsuspecting homeowner winds up with either a flooded home or worse, puddles of muck oozing into the floor. Some of these disasters can be avoided by simply paying attention to your home. For instance, whenever the drains are slow there is usually a reason such as a grease or hairball partially blocking the pipes.

Clogs are often easier to repair when caught early. In many cases the kitchen sink that doesn’t drain or the bathroom tub that drains really slow is simply a problem with the trap. The pipe trap is a U or S shaped pipe placed close to the actual drain. It’s primary purpose is to trap a little water that will block any excess sewage gas or smells from coming back through the drain lines. To remedy this problem the plumber can usually remove the trap and clean out the curved areas so that water can flow freely through them.

However, not all clogs are that simple. In fact, some clogs actually take years to build up and are an accumulation of bits and pieces of waste or debris that snag on the edges of angled connections or other fittings in the sewer lines. Once enough trash has built up the clog acts like a dam and blocks the water flow. In most cases the plumber can remove the problem with a simple pipe snake.

The pipe snake is a flexible cable with a piercing bit on one end. It works by poking it’s way through the clog so water can begin to flow again. Because the cable is flexible it can go around corners which makes it the perfect tool to get your drains flowing properly. Unfortunately, not all clogs are so easily removed and some clogs will leave a residue that needs to be washed away. For this process the plumber will us a high pressure wash commonly known as a hydro-jet. Using a high pressure wash to clean your sewer lines helps to ensure the problem won’t return for some time. You can learn more when you Browse Website of a responsible plumbing contractor such as Hanna.

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