Information on Septic Tank Cleaning Fort Myers Florida

There are septic tank cleaning Fort Myers Florida companies that are licensed and insured, that offer septic tank servicing to industrial, residential and commercial establishments. They have a dedication, effort and professionalism in conserving water and soil.

Some of the septic tank services that are offered are;

Installation on new septic tanks
Repairing of drain fields
Cleaning of industrial plants
Treatment of plants
Cleaning of the septic tanks
Pumping of the sewage
Stagnant water at a yard
Repairing of sewage pumps
Gurgling sinks, toilets and shower

A septic tank is a small treatment sewage, which is found in areas with no link to a major sewer pipeline constructed by a private company or the government.

Operation of a septic tank

After a toilet is flushed, the liquids and the solids move down a series of pipes into a septic tank. This tank traps the solid wastes and then allows a clear liquid to go down to a drain field. Inside the tank, liquids and the solids separate into three layers. The first layer is called scum, which consists of floating substances like fats, grease, soaps, phosphates and oils. The second layer has liquid while the last layer is sludge. The sludge layer has a heavy substance of organic nature that breaks down though a process called anaerobic. The clear liquid moves out of the tank to an outlet and through to a drain field that absorbs the water.

Maintaining a septic tank requires it to be cleaned, treated and inspected regularly.

Septic tank cleaning by the technicians involves locating the tank, digging the lid up and pumping the contents down. The professionals then inspect the tank for structural issues that may be problematic.

How to maintain a septic tank

Use a septic tank treatment service monthly to reduce buildup of sludge and making it run smoothly until the next pumping.
Regular inspection and pumping.
Some household bleach and chemicals can kill bacteria, which are beneficial in septic tank hence it is vital to reduce the amount of agents that are flushed down the drain.

A septic tank that is maximally performing is odor-free, has no blockages and will work well for decades.

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