Importance of Pipe Dimensions

PVC pipe dimensions would seem obvious, but they aren’t. If you need to buy PVC piping, then you should pay strict attention to how it is sized before buying some for your next repair or project. Pay attention to the details in this article, and/or discuss your needs with the skilled experts at Flex PVC.

The most important thing to know about PVC pipe dimensions is that the sizes marked on the pipe are actually an indication of the pipe’s inside diameter or its bore. They are not the measurement of the pipe’s outer diameter. This is vital to understand because if you think otherwise you will be buying the wrong sized pipe for your repair or project. If you go by the outside dimensions, then your pipe will be too large.

How to Properly Judge Pipe Dimensions

A trick to getting a pipes that have the correct pipe dimensions is to know that the outside diameter of most types of PVC piping is similar to the size of some everyday items that you have in your home. For example, a PVC pipe that is a half inch in size actually has an inside dimension of about 0.840 inches, which is about the same size as a US nickel coin. Another example is a pipe that is one and a quarter inches in diameter on the outside is about 1.660 inches on the inside, or about the same size as a regular golf ball.

The size of the PVC pipe is normally written on the outside of the tubing. However, some manufacturers may put this number elsewhere, so it all depends on the brand. Plus, it could be written in either decimals or inches, so be sure to take a close look prior to buying.

PVC Schedule also Important to Pipe Dimensions

The PVC Schedule, also called SCH or Sch, is how thick the wall of the pipe is, and the normal sizes include 40, 80 and 120. The larger the SCH, the thicker it is and the smaller the inside dimensions of the piping will be.

Knowing this is vital to buying the correct size, and if you are confused, just call and speak with someone at Flex PVC and they will be happy to guide you in the purchase of all kinds of PVC piping materials. We have the expert knowledge you need to make the right decisions on getting the equipment you need for you project and that always includes the proper pipe dimensions.

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