How to choose a good plumber

If you’re considering renovating your bathrooms in Droitwich, then you are going to need a good plumber. Fortunately, when you’re planning a renovation you have time to research before you hire the plumber. This is often not the case when you have an emergency.

When looking for a plumber who does bathrooms in Droitwich, you should first get names. If you can get the names of plumbers who worked for friends or family, that is all the better as a comment from someone who has used him before is worth far more than something you may see in an advertisement. If you can’t find anyone who has had recent experiences, one of the best places to start is at the plumbers merchant, they deal with plumbers everyday and based on their exposure, they are good at identifying which plumber may be best for the job you have at hand.

Not all plumbers do the same jobs, there are those that focus strictly on repair and usually offer 24 hours a day emergency repairs. There are plumbers who work for large contractors who usually are involved in large systems such as high rise housing or offices. The plumber you want is one who specializes in renovations and domestic installations and repair.

Once you get the names, check on the internet and see if any of them specifically state that they focus on the renovation of bathrooms in Droitwich. These are the plumbers that you will usually start with.

By this time you will no doubt have a very good idea of what you want done. Contact the candidates and explain as best you can, attempt to get a rough estimate over the phone just for the labour. The materials will cost the same regardless of which plumber is hired for plumbing in Droitwich. Ask the two lowest bidders to visit your home for more in depth discussions, at this time, you will not only firm up the offer, you will find out more about the plumber.

Things to consider other than price:

1. Find out how long they have been in business
2. Get references that you can speak to and perhaps view similar renovated bathrooms in Droitwich that he did
3. Establish that the plumber has insurance to cover your property
4. Find out if he guarantees his work or does he simply pass on the warranties from the material suppliers
5. Check and see if the plumber is a member of any recognized trade group. Any plumber that is must stick to a very high standard of workmanship and ethical practices

Once you have made your selection, you can then give the plumber the bill of materials of the fittings that you have pre-selected and the job will be done quickly and efficiently.

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