How To Get Central Air Conditioning Ready for Summer With Help From an HVAC Contractor in Joplin MO

Hot and humid summer days may seem far away during the cold, dark days of winter, but they can sneak up on a homeowner who hasn’t properly maintained his central air conditioning system. The first truly hot, humid day isn’t the time to discover there are problems. Homeowners can do some maintenance themselves or work with an HVAC Contractor in Joplin MO to get their cooling systems ready for warm weather.

Clean the air conditioning filters

A cooling system’s filters capture dust and debris that blows along with the air the system circulates throughout the house. Filters that aren’t checked and cleaned regularly don’t circulate air properly or efficiently. They also tend to distribute the dust back into the air, which can lead to allergy problems. Experts recommend that homeowners check their filters and clean them twice a year, at the beginning and the end of the cooling season. Filters can easily be cleaned, or even replaced if necessary.

Clean the condenser coils

The condenser unit of a central air conditioning system, also known as a compressor, plays an important role in cooling the air inside a home. If the condenser is full of dirt or debris like leaves and twigs, it doesn’t move air throughout the house nearly as well. Cleaning the condenser includes wiping down the blades of the fan that helps move cooler into the interior air conditioning system. Coils in the condenser should also be cleaned since they impact its efficiency. Homeowners who aren’t able to clean the condenser coils themselves can call on an expert HVAC Contractor in Joplin MO to handle the job for them.

Take a look at the coolant lines

The lines that carry refrigerant essential to cooling a home from the interior evaporator to the exterior condenser must be checked regularly as well. The lines are usually covered with a material made of foam that helps insulate the coolant being transported trough the lines. If the material is missing from the lines, they will lose energy and work less efficiently. It’s essential to check the lines regularly and replace insulation when necessary. A heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor such as CDL Electric, has the expertise to diagnose problems with a cooling system and recommend repairs before the cooling season begins. Visit to get more information.

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