Fixture Replacements in Decatur, GA Include Water-Saving Faucets

Whether you are making a bathroom renovation or need to replace a leaky faucet, you can make strides in saving water use by choosing a faucet that produces a lower water flow. For example, the standard flow of water is about two gallons per minute when an older faucet is used. However, newer faucets with a lower water flow use around 1.5 gallons each minute without disrupting performance.

Low-Flow Showerheads

If you want to save money on your water use, these types of fixture replacements in Decatur, GA are well worth your consideration. You might also consider replacing your showerhead with a low-flow model. A typical showerhead normally dispenses about five to eight gallons per minute (gpm). Alternatively, low-flow showerheads use under 2.5 gpm with no noticeable reduction in service.

Therefore, a low-flow showerhead fixture installation can reduce water usage, making its minimal cost well worth the investment and payback. Whenever you are making any replacement of a fixture, it is good to keep your water savings in mind. Fix all leaks and replace faucets or showerheads if you can. By taking either approach, you will reduce both your plumbing and heating costs at the same time.

Indeed, when you fix leaks in faucets or make fixture replacements of this type, you can save a good deal in water and electricity. A leak that drips electrically-heated water every four or five seconds can lead to a loss of about 80 kilowatt-hours of electricity and 400 gallons of water annually.

Automatic Faucets

Fixture replacements also come in the form of automatic faucets. Sometimes, when using a traditional faucet, people forget to turn off the fixture completely, thus wasting a lot of water. If you want to avoid this happening or want to reduce leak difficulties, you may want to review the automatic variety.

Ask a plumbing professional at a company such as Better Plumbing Services, LLC about the energy-saving fixtures on the market today. While you are at it, schedule a plumbing inspection too.

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