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by | Apr 23, 2013 | Plumbing

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Any Gas engineer you choose to employ for a job should be trustworthy and skilled. The last thing anyone wants is to fall victim to an incompetent tradesman. Talking to your family, friends and neighbours can help you find a gas engineer who is good at their work. However, if you have no access to a trusted tradesman you can try local businesses. Ask if they can recommend someone they have used and ask about the work. Do they pay attention to detail? Are they diligent in their work and time keeping?

In the event that you have a sudden and unforeseen emergency it might not always be good judgment to call the first number in the Yellow Pages. That is not to say that most businesses are going to attempt to con you, but it certainly pays to be vigilant about the choices you make. If you want to obtain a good gas engineer for future work it pays to have a good relationship with them. Write down a list of any questions you want to ask when you call. Being prepared always puts you in charge.

If you are looking to replace your boiler or your entire heating system you can sit down and work out costs and budget before you talk to the gas engineer about the job. Some gas engineers may charge call-out fees, while other companies make no charge for that or to assess your job and work out the quote. If you can get a expert gas engineer to break down all the charges including parts, labour and extras it can help you stay within budget and keep your financial costs down. Many jobs can encounter problems, which are only seen once the gas engineer has been able to investigate the matter further and this can add to your budget.

It is vital that you are able to view any certificates to prove that your gas engineer in Chatham is fully accredited with Gas Safe membership. All other certificates should be up to date and current. If you feel you need to do more research to determine the qualifications of your potential gas engineer, find out how long they have been established or qualified, go and talk to them in person if you need to and see how their businesses operate and put your own mind a rest. Some people may think this is a little extensive but your home is your property and the money and time you have invested in it means you will not want to throw good money away on bad workmanship.

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