Drain Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid: Tips From Top Plumbers In St. Paul, MN

If you had a drain, or perhaps more than one drain in the home, which suddenly started to drain slowly, you probably tried a few “home remedies” before calling in plumbers in St. Paul, MN to fix the problem.

You may have also found those home treatment options did the trick, at least for the short time, preventing you from having to call plumbers in St. Paul, MN. The key is to understand the natural of the type of drain problem, and then call in professionals to fix the issue.

This is the only way you can minimize the risk of a full drain clog or a significant sewer line repair. Sometimes what seems like a quick fix ends up costing you a lot more money a few weeks, months or years down the road.

Commercial Drain Cleaners

There are a lot of different drain cleaning products on the market today where are marketed to have you imagining sparkling clean pipes after they are used. All plumbers in St. Paul, MN can tell you this is not accurate, but those cleaners can move grease or organic matter build-up in the areas of the pipe around the drain itself.

The problem is these chemicals don’t just eat away at the clog. They can, over time and with repeated use, start to eat away at the pipes in your home, increasing the risk of leaks and problems. They are corrosive and will cause damage, especially if left in the pipes for extended periods of time.

Pushing Wire into the Drain

Those small little two and three-foot drain snakes, or even worse just a piece of wire, can push the clog further down the system. Unless you know how to use these devices you will not break up and pull out material, it just gets pushed along until it hits a P-trap or a turn in the pipe.

In addition, plumbers in St. Paul, MN can tell you the wire and those low-cost drain snakes damage toilet bowls, sinks, and even the interior of the pipes. When the interior surfaces of the pipes become rough, there is a greater risk of future clogs and problems.

The best thing to do is to call in plumbers in St. Paul, MN to check on the cause of the clog. They can then thoroughly clean out the system using water jetting and even using a camera to check for any additional problems throughout the sewer system.

At Drain King, our plumbers in St. Paul, MN can help unclog any drain that isn’t working efficiently. To learn more about our services go to Drainkinginc.com.

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