Do Your Sewers in Lutz FL Need Attention from a Professional?

Sewers in Lutz FL are faced with hardships every day. Anything that passes through the pipes connected to the toilet, bathroom toilet or kitchen sink will be transported to the sewers in Lutz FL. If you are guilty of flushing foreign objects down the toilet or if you regularly push food down the plug while washing dishes, there is a high chance of a blockage. If a blockage is not addressed by a professional you may end up paying to replace the entire system. To save money you should focus on the warning signs of a problem with sewers in Lutz FL.

City Maintenance Department

Don’t panic if you think that your pipes are clogged because it is possible that the City Maintenance Department may be to blame for the inconvenience. If there is a sewer pipe backup in your city, it is likely that the issue with your sewers in Lutz FL is due to delays with the city’s backup system. However, if the City Maintenance Department says there are currently no problems associated with the sewers, your sewer pipe could be damaged or leaking.

Puddles or Damp Patches by Sewer Pipe

The best way to determine whether or not you need repairs and replacements for sewers in Lutz FL is to put on your coat and take a look outside. The sewer pipe will connect to the city sewer pipe from a certain part of your house and once you find this you can inspect the area for damp patches. If the weather has been particularly dry lately and you are still noticing puddles and damp patches on the grass, this is a warning sign that the sewer pipe has a crack in it. You may not be able to see the damp patches, so feel around for wet, soft areas of grass. If this is accompanied by the smell of sewage, you will definitely need professional assistance.

Vermin and Foul Smells

While you are outside checking for puddles or damp patches you should take a deep breath in. What do you smell? If the air smells fresh then you have nothing to worry about, but if there is a hint of sewage in the air, the cause could be leaking sewers in Lutz FL. If dirty water has escaped from the pipes, vermin will flock to the area and possibly breed. Examine the area for rat holes or vermin and call for help if you make a gruesome discovery.


Waste constantly passes through sewers in Lutz FL, therefore a lack of maintenance increases the chances of a problem occurring. If toilet and sink water drains slowly or if the drains are relatively sluggish in your home, you may need to hire a professional to assist you.




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