Discussing Safe Water Drinking Solutions with Your Plumber Hollywood Professional

Do you have concerns or questions about the safety of the drinking water that comes out of your faucet? If you’re like many homeowners, you want to make sure you are drinking safe water out of your tap. Here are some safe water drinking solutions offered by your plumber Hollywood professional to help ensure you have the best drinking water at your fingertips.

Carbon Filters
One of the most common types of filters that will help you have safe drinking water is carbon filters. There are two basic types of carbon filters – granulated and solid block. Both are ideal for filtering water because they remove odors and tastes from your drinking water. In addition to removing odors, carbon filters also filter out pesticides and fuel products. Also, if you have tested your drinking water and it has been found to contain asbestos, cysts, or lead, there are carbon filters that are specifically designed to filter out these things as well.

Reverse Osmosis
The process of reverse osmosis uses water pressure to filter water. The water pressure forces water through a permeable material. This material then filters the contaminated particles from the drinking water. The pores in the material are so small and fine that the only thing that gets through is water. Most of the bottled water companies use the process of reverse osmosis to filter their products because it is thorough and very effective.

Water Softening
If you have hard water coming through your faucets, a water softening system is ideal for you. Hard water contains minerals that can make your water have a bad taste – but it can also leave spots on your dishes and it’s bad for your skin. Some of the minerals that are in hard water include magnesium and calcium. If you drink large amounts of water containing these minerals, it can start causing health issues over time.

With a water softening system installed by your Plumber Hollywood professional, you can put an end to your hard water problems. Your water softener system is designed to do things like reduce the mineral buildup on your fixtures and pipes. It also helps make the water beneficial to your skin. Hard water can leave a layer of soap scum on your skin which traps bacteria and can lead to skin irritation. For these reasons, installing a soft water system is a great investment for your drinking water and for your health in general.
If you need a professional to install water filters in your home, the experts at Bob’s Rooter & Plumbing can help. Their crew of professional plumbers have decades of combined experience solving all types of plumbing issues.

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