Discover Trusted Garbage Disposal Repairs In Philadelphia

It is important for homeowners to know how to properly maintain a garbage disposal. This appliance is often taken for granted but it does make life quite a bit easier. Using a garbage disposal will help with food waste in the kitchen and can be used to keep smelly food out of the garbage can.

Discover Proper Maintenance

It can be easy to forget the importance of proper maintenance of a garbage disposal. Taking time to maintain this appliance will help homeowners to avoid the need for garbage disposal repairs in Philadelphia. It is very important to avoid putting anything hard inside of the unit because it will dull the blades and could cause the disposal to stop working.

Things to Avoid

Homeowners can increase the life of a garbage disposal unit by knowing exactly what it can handle. It is important to cut certain foods into smaller pieces to help avoid any damage. Foods like banana peels, potato peelings, fruit seeds, egg shells, and coffee grounds may cause quite a bit of damage to the garbage disposal and should be put in the trash.

Use Cold Water

Using cold water when rinsing food particles down a garbage disposal will help to increase the life of the unit. Keep the water and disposal running for at least thirty to sixty seconds after all of the food is gone because this will help to avoid the system from overheating. The water will also push all of the food down the drain and help the unit to run more efficiently.

Clean the Disposal on a Regular Basis

Cleaning a garbage disposal on a consistent basis will help it to last longer and ensure that it is running as smoothly as possible. The first step is to clean the rubber flap cover to help avoid any lingering smells. It can help to regularly put ice cubes and citrus rinds down the disposal to help get rid of any build-up and keep the entire unit smelling clean and fresh.

It does not take much time to properly maintain a garbage disposal. Consult with an expert when garbage disposal repairs in Philadelphia are needed and get more information about trusted services.

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