Different Types of Boiler Westchester NY

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Plumbing

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There are three main types of boilers that can be purchased for any home or office space. In order to know what type of boiler is best for your home, you have to understand the aspects of each type. There are several different Boiler Westchester NY repair companies that offer repairs and that also sell boilers, so all you have to do is choose the one that you like the best.

The first type of boiler to look at is called a combi-boiler or a combination boiler. This boiler is popular because it doesn’t need a water tank or a cylinder. This boiler also offers unlimited water whenever you need it. They also don’t take up very much space. The only real downside to a combi-boiler is that they don’t provide good water pressure for more than one tap at a time.

The second types of boilers to consider are called system boilers. System boilers are sealed systems that come with a cylinder. They don’t have a water tank just like the combi-boiler, but they do have a cylinder. This boiler is good because it allows you to get hot water from more than one tap at a time. The downside is that it doesn’t provide instant hot water, and the hot water does run out and then you have to wait for it to reheat.

The final types of boilers are conventional boilers. This type of a boiler has both a tank and cylinders. A conventional boiler does take up more room, but it is great because you can get hot water from several taps at the same time. This boiler also doesn’t give you constant hot water, just like the system boilers the water does run out.

Here are the three basic types of boilers to choose from. Each type of boiler has pros and cons that are interesting, so you just have to decide what you really want your boiler to do for you. Condensers are a nice extra to get with whatever boiler you choose, and you should also make sure that it has a good energy efficient rating. Before you pick your boiler, be sure to talk to a professional that works for a Boiler Westchester NY company.

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