Common Plumbing Supplies for a DIY Project

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Plumbing

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Major plumbing issues need the expertise of a professional but for simple repair projects a DIY project may be desired. If you are taking on a basic repair project in your home, here are the basic supplies you would need to have on hand, which you can get from you local plumbing supply store in Pompano Beach:


Most plumbing projects that are doable by a homeowner will be made from PVC. If you have metal pipes it is best to call in the experts to handle that type of repair. For a DIY project you are going to need the right size PVC pipes.

PVC Pipe Cutter

While a hand-held hack saw can work, an easier way to get a clean straight cut on you PVC pipe is to use a pip cutter- it gives clean edges that make fittings easier to attach.

Joints and Connections

For plumbing sections that have bends you will need the right joints and proper connection fittings to hold everything together.

Plumber’s Glue/Cement

One easy way to secure your pipes and fittings together is with plumber’s glue, also known as plumbing cement. It can be a bit messy so be careful but it will hold your pipes together and can also help protect against leaks down the road.

Plumbing Tape

For fittings that are prone to leaks, such as u bend joints, shower heads, and similar connections, an easy way to seal these connections and protect against leaks is with plumbing tape.

Make sure you head over to your local plumbing supply store in Pompano Beach to get all your supplies and if you need help with your plumbing project be sure to call in the experts at PB Plumbing.

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