Call an Emergency Plumber in Jacksonville, FL if You Have a Stoppage

A main sewer line stoppage or clog is a serious plumbing problem. In fact, this is considered one of the major plumbing emergencies. When a stoppage occurs in the main line, nothing can flow through your pipes, as this line connects your pipes to the municipal sewer system or septic tank.

Contact a Plumber Immediately if You Have a Clog

If this line becomes clogged then, you cannot waste any time contacting an emergency plumber in Jacksonville, FL. If the water from the line backs up, you can have a serious health hazard on your hands. Not only does the water contain hazardous bacteria, but it can also cause water damage to the structures in your home.

In order to confirm the problem, a Jacksonville emergency plumber will check several fixtures in your home. Normally, the problem will first be spotted in the toilets. However, a backup can also occur in the shower, tub, or sink.

Some of the Telltale Signs

Emergency plumber contractors often note clogs by how the water in the plumbing fixtures are running. For instance, if the toilet is flushed, the shower or tub drain may back up. Or, if the faucet is turned on at the bathroom sink, bubbles may appear in the toilet. The toilet may begin to fill as well. Sometimes homeowners will notice, when running their washer, that a toilet will overflow when the appliance starts to drain.

Yet another way that an emergency plumber confirms a sewer clog is by checking the clean-out for the sewer. The sewer clean-out is a pipe, about four inches in length, which emerges from the ground with a cap. If the cap is removed and water is visible, then you definitely have a sewer clog problem. If you live in an older home and do not have a sewer clean-out, plumbers recommend that you have this pipe installed.

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