Call a Plumbing Company in Peachtree City for Toilet Troubles

by | Dec 4, 2020 | Plumbing

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Peachtree City is a large city filled with families, and with a large population comes each person’s responsibility to keep a clean home. Plumbing is a key part of good hygiene, and one of the main components of the plumbing system is the toilet. No one wants to deal with a broken toilet, but the plumbers at FitzGerald and Sons Plumbing Company can fix it while keeping the home clean and functional. Below are several symptoms of serious toilet issues.

Random Flushing

In the plumbing industry, a toilet that refills at random times is said to have “phantom flush”. Caused by slow leaks, a broken flapper or failed flapper seat is likely to blame. A Plumbing Company in Peachtree City can drain the bowl and tank, clean the flapper and replace it if necessary.

Water Seeping into the Tank

The main warning sign of this issue is a hiss that comes as water moves through the supply line. A plumber can check the refill tube, float, and ballcock or inlet valve assembly. The float and/or refill tube might need an adjustment, or the ballcock could need replacement.

Weak Flushing

Also known as a slow-emptying toilet bowl, a unit with a weak flush can be a problem. If the toilet is slow to flush, the holes under the rim (where water comes into the bowl) are likely clogged. A plumber can use a tool to clean the holes and restore a proper flush without scratching the toilet bowl.

Leaks Around the Base of the Toilet

If one notices a puddle of water around the toilet base, it could be a serious issue. Water collecting around the bottom of the toilet could indicate a breach in the wax seal at the base. This seal keeps air out, and water in, and any break can cause a damaging leak. Homeowners shouldn’t try to fix the wax ring themselves; they should call in a plumber.

These are just some of the most common issues that Peachtree City residents experience with toilets. If one of the toilets in the home exhibits any of the signs above, the customer should call a Plumbing Company In Peachtree City for prompt and courteous service.

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