Avoid Water Heater Damage By Using Leak Detection In Temecula

by | May 15, 2013 | Plumbing

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Water heater damage is one of the top 5 reasons that a homeowner has for filing an insurance claim. Close to 70% of these claims resulted from a slow leak in the pipes and not necessarily the heater itself. On average these insurance claims reach more then $5,000 in damages. Protect yourself from these damages by doing a few simple checks for leak detection Temecula.

Age has a lot to do with the fact a water heater has damage. 95% of the claims on busted water heaters had to do with heaters that were 20 years old or older. What happens is that after the useful life expectancy of the tank has been reached, it will start to corrode and rust and this damage travels down the water heater lines. A slow leak will develop and eventually the tank will bust. Early leak detection Temecula is necessary to catch the leak before a complete burst in the system.

Typically, a water heater has a useful life of anywhere between 3 and 12 years. A good rule of thumb to verify how long your tank will last is that it generally correlates with the warranty. This is not a manufacturer promise, but studies show that there is a direct correlation. Independent studies of insurance claims have proven this regardless of the manufacturer claims.

There are a few rules to follow to avoid a slow leak in your water heater or to check for leaks to prevent further damage. Having a professional maintain your heater to inspect the anode rod, flushing and sediment build up in the tank can be a good preventative maintenance strategy. This maintenance should be performed at least on a yearly basis once the warranty has expired on the unit.

Lastly, in areas of harder water, which is typical in northern regions as opposed to southern regions, a flushing of the sediment can help prolong the life of a heater. A leak detection service Temecula company can perform this flushing. As the sediment builds up and thickens in the tank it will cause the heater to work harder to warm the water.

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