All-too Common Signs That It’s Time to Replace a Water Heater

by | Feb 4, 2021 | Plumbing

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Replacing a water heater in Highland Park, IL, is something that usually catches homeowners off-guard, leaving them in a position where they’re scrambling to find a suitable replacement fast. It would be nice if water heaters lasted forever, but they don’t. Fortunately, when homeowners know the signs of a failing water heater, they don’t have to get taken by surprise and can get ahead of the situation.

Inconsistent Heating

Water heaters rarely stop heating altogether, but instead, over time, stopping heating as well. Most people notice this problem, but they don’t give it much thought or they choose to ignore it. Not all heating problems mean the water heater needs replacement, yet the problem should still be checked out by a licensed plumber to know for sure.

Popping and Rumbling Sounds

All water heaters make sounds when they turn on. However, the sound shouldn’t be obtrusive or so loud it grabs the attention of everyone in the house. Water heaters operate in the background, so if a popping or rumbling sound is noticeable, especially when hot water is in use, call a plumber to inspect the heater.

Rust-colored Water

Any time rust-colored water flows from showerheads or faucets, it’s concerning. If the problem happens when hot and cold water is used, the problem is likely hard water. When the water’s rusty only when hot water flows from the tap, it’s a safe assumption to make that the water heater has started rusting inside and needs replacement. Homeowners who have questions about replacing a water heater in Highland Park, IL, should contact plumbing experts at BMW Plumbing, Inc. now.

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