Ageing Plumbing Lines Starting to Leak? Contact a Plumbing Service in Bellingham WA for Help

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Plumbing

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Aging water and sewer lines will all, at some point, need to be upgraded to minimize the potential for water leaks. If your home is older and the water or sewer lines are showing signs of leaks, contacting a plumbing service in Bellingham WA for advice is strongly recommended.

Identifying Problematic Plumbing Components

Many older homes still have galvanized pipes used for water supply lines. Those pipes are certainly prime candidates for replacement, as the lifespan for that type of plumbing has long passed. Signs homeowners can look for are rusted areas at the bottom of pipes and minimal water pressure. Galvanized pipes fill with rust and, at some point, will become too clogged to allow water to pass. Cast iron sewer lines are also almost certainly going to need replacing, as rust from years of use will create weak spots and leaks.

Do Older Copper Pipes Need to Be Updated?

That question is not as easy to answer, as some copper pipes will be impacted by the elements present in water or installation issues. The best option for homeowners is to ask a plumbing service in Bellingham WA to examine the lines for any signs of problems. Since each area’s water supply will also affect the way copper degrades, some copper pipes will last for many years while others will fail rather quickly.

What Types of Pipes are Recommended Now?

Again, that answer will depend, to some extent, on the water supply. Copper and different types of plastics are commonly recommended today, and the plumbing expert will discuss the pros and cons of each option with property owners. That discussion should include materials and labor pricing differences, life expectancies of the materials, and performance in specific homes. Since repiping is expensive, it’s always important to ask questions prior to making any decisions.

Contact the Experts Today

Rather than waiting for serious problems to develop, contact area plumbing professionals for advice today. That will allow you to plan projects and set aside funds for the updates. Contact 

Lynden Sheet Metal for more information or to schedule an appointment to evaluate your home’s plumbing lines.

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