A Rooter in Minneapolis, MN Are a Plumber’s “Best Friend”

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Plumbing

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If a plumber comes out to service a home with drain issues, expect him to bring his trusted sidekick, “the Rooter.” A rooter in Minneapolis, MN is a device that a plumber uses to clean drains. That is why so many plumbing services actually use the word rooter in their name.

If a person were to call up a plumber in Minneapolis, MN, for example, chances are he would bring a rooter out to the home on the service call.

Brief History of the Rooter

Plumbers Sam Blanc and son, Milton Blanc, were out on a service call when they encountered a clogged drain at an apartment complex. They were so frustrated by the clogged drains that they got to work thinking up of a way to clear out those clogged drains, in a way that would put Nintendo characters Mario and Luigi to shame.

After brainstorming, they assembled a “doo-hickey” composed of a steel cable assembly, a washing machine motor, and roller skating wheels. This is what plumber’s today call a “plumber’s snake.”

Since tree roots are a common problem of the modern-day plumber, any drain cleaning device with the ability to cut roots is referred to as a rooter in Minneapolis, MN.

Plumbers and Rooters

Serious plumbers don’t play around. Most plumbers arrive at the scene in a van equipped with various tools, but the trusted tool of the modern-day plumber in Minneapolis, MN (and elsewhere in the U.S.) is the rooter.

Sam and Milton Blanc may have changed the plumbing world unintentionally with the discovery of the rooter, and many plumbers would gladly thank them for their discovery. This handy device has made life a little easier for plumbers worldwide. It’s no wonder that the word rooter is commonly found in the name of the plumbing service.

Rooters are Essential

To sum it all up, plumbers need rooters, because they get the job done. Video game characters Mario and Luigi are always depicted with plungers in hand, but they would actually be more accurate if their plungers were replaced with rooters.

A rooter can save a pipe from a pesky root that is causing a lot of problems. Fortunately, all knowledgeable plumbers are equipped with rooters.

Expect every plumber in Minneapolis, MN to have a rooter by his side. Seeing a plumber without his rooter is like leaving home without a cellphone: It is just plain wrong.

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