A Copper Repipe in Palm Springs Will Pay You Back When You Sell

If you own an older home in Palm Springs, the chances are good that you have cast iron piping, which will deteriorate over time and begin to leak. The water may not taste right because of the water minerals mixing with the rusted iron. It is possible that the water may be contaminated with bacteria. A Copper Repipe in Palm Springs, CA will get rid of this problem, and any leaks that have developed or that are very likely to develop. Repiping is a process that requires the plumber to diagram where the existing plumbing is at, as well as the best places to reach the connectors. The plumber has equipment that can trace the route of the current piping, which will give them an idea of how much cutting into the wall will need to be done.

Cast iron joints will obviously need to be separated, so the plumbing can be taken out and the joints removed. The plan must allow for removal of the pipe line, and this may call for cutting into the wall to extract a long run of iron pipe, which is not very yielding. Often, the cut in the wall does not have to run the entire length of the pipe section because the pipe can be taken out on an angle once it is loosened at both joints. The Copper Repipe in Palm Springs CA can use the existing routing holes which will prevent more cutting into the walls.

The best copper repiping is Type L copper piping. This piping has passed numerous tests and can be expected to last 100 years. Most knowledgeable plumbing experts say copper plumbing is the best repiping material. A Copper Repipe in Palm Springs, CA would be the first choice, and the piping carries a 50 year guarantee though it has a life expectancy of 100 years.

A Copper Repipe in Palm Springs, CA is a great enhancement to the usefulness of the home because it delivers hot water faster, and the water will taste better. It increases the resale value of the home, and most buyers will appreciate the copper plumbing and are willing to pay more for it. Southwest plumbing has been the most trusted name in plumbing in the area, so give them a call to discuss repiping with a professional.



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