3 Steps to Take While Waiting for Emergency Plumbers in Redwood City CA

If you are ever faced with an emergency plumbing situation and have the need to call in emergency plumbers in Redwood City CA area, there are a few steps that you want to take while you are waiting that can help you minimize damages.  Emergency plumbing situations are definitely not fun for anyone but once you have a trusted plumber on the way you can rest assured knowing that you are almost out of the woods.  Taking these 3 steps will keep you busy while you wait and help you to be proactive in the process.

Step 1 -Stop the water supply. Whether your drains are backing up, your pipe burst or your toilet is overflowing non-stop, the best possible step you can take is to cut off the water supply. The shut off valve will either be somewhere outside or it will be somewhere near a wall in the basement.  It may be a blue valve. If the pipe does not have a cut off valve (in many older homes, there are NO individual cut off lines) just shut the main down. In the event there is a valve to the problem area shut that one off so you can still have water in other areas of the house.

Step 2– If there is a leak, pipe burst or there is some flooding, cut off power to the area as well. It can become a safety issue if the water rises to the level of the outlets. You want to ensure that everyone is out of danger and that the danger of live electrical outlets coming in contact with the water is reduced.

Step 3-If you need to clear a path for the plumber. If the problem is in the basement or other storage type areas, you can help the plumber out by clearing a path for them to get to the pipe. Making the plumbers job as easy as possible will make the process as quick as possible.

If you called County Consumer Plumbing Service and Repair Group, the wait will not be long for help to arrive!

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